Elf On A Shelf Story



Angies Grapevine


I’m sure most people have heard of  the “elf on the shelf”, but I myself just learned about this last night at my daughters curling practice.  One of her coaches has an “elf” named Ginger.

The idea behind the elf on the shelf is really fun and quite creative from a parenting point of view.

This is a Christmas Tradition that I’d love to incorporate into my home even though my kids are getting a little older and two of them are in their 20’s.

The tradition begins when Santa sends his elves out to Elf Adoption Centers.  As soon as an elf is brought home and taken out of its box, given a name and the story is read the elf magically awakens and receives its Christmas Magic.

Elves are great listeners and watch over everything,  it is said that they report back to Santa on who has been naughty or…

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