Now that is a great shot, is it black and white or did you use a different setting on the camera

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There had been snow in the hills followed by heavy rain and a rapid thaw, and the Nith was in spate. We had been shopping in Dumfries but had parked in the town because the Whitesands car park was flooded, as was most of the low lying river valley. This second view of the Old Bridge was taken at about 6pm on January 16, 2010.

In crossing this bridge, the shots were all hand held as I was stubbornly against carrying a tripod around with me, so I was shooting at 800 ISO with my elbows on the wall at half a second exposure. That’s really working on the edge of what’s sensible if you want half decent pictures, but it does convey the powerful turbulence of the river. What it doesn’t convey is the sound, though I’m sure you can hear it in your head. A bright flood light…

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