Toys (Photo credit: kkalyan)

I had to share this story with you. I was at the doctor’s office today, and there was this grandmother there with her grandchildren and I was watching them. These two little ones were playing and they were fighting over who wanted what toy. If one played with that toy, the other one wanted the toy they had instead of their own. Neither of these kids knew how to say please or thank you at all.

So I told them that they had to learn how to share their toys and to say please and thank you, because you get more out of saying please and thank you.

The little girl was playing and the little boy was upset, so I offered him to play with the Nintendo and a split second later she dropped that toy like it was hot and wanted what he was playing with. I said to her that she needs to learn how to share and she said NO! So I said Ok well if you can’t share, than you can’t play, and she looked me and said OK, I will try. By the time it was over I was babysitting them while Grandma was in the doctor’s office and had two little friends for life, they gave me hugs before they left with grandma. They were so cute. But unfortunately know one is teaching them how to learn to share, and say please and thank you, instead of gimme, I want it, you know. If they don’t work on that those children will grow up to be very unruly children.