English: Playing on the mound Local children a...

English: Playing on the mound Local children and parents sliding down the mound in Cholsey. This was not here when I was a child. We used to use a place called the pit or the hill the other side of silly bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*** Please be aware this is a touchy subject, so please if you want to read it, please do. I am not here to hurt anyone, but to talk about this topic is all.This is another topic that I have been meaning to talk about. This is something I think that everyone needs to understand about family.

We all came into this world with two parents. some are lucky enough to be raised all their lives with their parents , where others may not be so lucky to have opportunity. I will just say this before I go on about how every situation is different. Anyway the point I want to make is that yes you have your biological family, but even if you are adopted or raised by another set of parents due to circumstances that avail. Just because you are adopted, or you are raised by step parents, they are your family because they took the time to raise, care, protect and love you. So that saying that “blood is thicker than water”, it is true. but just because you are raised by parents that are not your biological parents, does not mean that they aren’t your parents.

I see kids who say you aren’t my dad/or mom you can’t tell me what to do. But in all actuality they are because they raised and cared for you, and fed you, and more…

Kids today have to learn to appreciate what they have because there are a lot of children out their that have no parents at all, and would give a (million) to have parents to love and care for them. Adoption is the #1 highest in United States alone where babies and children have no parents because they either lost them, abandoned them or gave them up for reasons unknown, which there are a lot of reasons why they would, but I think we get the point.

Anyway if you adopt a baby, doesn’t mean they aren’t yours , because they are once the papers are final, so even if you didn’t carry them, it shouldn’t make a difference, just love them like they were your own.

Believe me children are very resilient and they pick up on stuff like that, when they don’t feel loved. Also for those who have more than one child, you need to make sure that you spend quality time with all your children, and when you buy for one, buy for all, because all these little things you do for one and not the other  will make them resent you, and they will act out, and that is a cry for help, when a child becomes a terror.

Children did not ask to be born in this world. So if you have children, love and protect them all.

I know what it feels like to be left out, so I withdrew to my room when I was a child.

And on that note I will say this goes for animals to.