Guno Hurrican hitting Oman

Guno Hurrican hitting Oman (Photo credit: Icarus Kuwait)

First I have to say is who would have known a hurricane named after your sister. LOL. Anyway it is here in Haverstraw, with high winds and rain on and off right now. But I am watching the news and Lyndhurst NJ is under water already and people are stupidly driving their cars through the water. Don’t they know the water can ruin their cars. Lipa is saying that there are already 10,370 customers without power already. So everyone if you don’t have to go out, don’t it is not worth your lives. Stay in and think of it as a day of rest ok. Better to be safe than sorry. Also on that note, it is a full moon which means tides are high, so this makes things worse for the storm to come. I will keep you updated on this issue with the storm

Besides if your bored you can work on your blog right.

***Today’s update on storm, looks like the worst is over and the only thing that happened was garbage from the factory and their metal building sign blew into my yard. and the damn wind destroyed my storage building. Last nights wind was up to 70 miles per hour and we had flickering of power and twice the power went off for like 10 min but came on after that