I took this picture of Lilith, a black cat fou...

I took this picture of Lilith, a black cat found as a kitten in a supermarket parking lot. Feel free to share this image, but leave “Lilith” in the file name, please! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is said that people are afraid of black cats. Why? you ask: Well for one thing people think black cats are associated with Witches, and Halloween. Which then leads them to believe that when they cross in front of their path, that they will have bad luck, and some think they are good luck. Well, I am here to let you in on a little secret.

According to the legend about black cats, “They have been kept on ships for pest control, and they believed if they crossed their path, they would have a bad voyage, or if they went overboard, it meant storms and bad luck”. “King Charles I had a black cat and according to the legend on the day the cat died he was arrested, and not sure if cat had crossed his path, but was said the cat had crossed under a ladder”. According to an Urban legend “it is believed that black cats were used in Satanic or ritualistic practice on Halloween, but there is no evidence to be found that this is true”.

“It is said that the first association with black cats and the darker side started with a church proclaimed this dating back to the middle ages, that black cats are the friends of the devil, which has carried on from the middle ages, the witch trials right up to the present day”.

According to the legend this is known to be true, “that they found a mummified cat dating back to the renovation of the Mill Hotel. And it was said that if this mummified cat was removed there would be a terrible disaster, and in the 1970’s the cat was removed and they suffered a terrible fire, and after finishing the construction the cat has returned and has been on display since”. See this link here –  http://www.thepurrcompany.com/cat-articles/index.php?id=43 Click Ctrl

Now whether you believe that black cats are either good luck or bad luck depends on where you live according to this information on this website – http://www.best-cat-art.com/black-cats.html Click Ctrl .

For Example, “The Europeans believe that if a black cat crosses in front of them they will have bad luck”. However, “if you live in United kingdom or Japan they believe that if a black cat crosses their path they will smile and have good luck”. “Germany believes if the black cat crosses from left to right it is bad luck and from right to left it is good luck”. “In Italy if a black cat lies on a sick person’s bed they are believed to die”. “In China, they believe black cats bring shortage to food and poverty”. “If Latvian farmers find little black kittens in their Silos, they dance with joy. They believe they are spirits of Rungis, a god of harvest”. “In Scotland they believe if they find a black kitten sitting on their porch it will bring them riches and happiness”..

So all this would scare the bejeebies out of you and everyone else but in the end a black cat is a cat-like any other cat, so this belief that they are bad luck, is just that, a belief.

However, there are superstitions about ebony coated black cats, because of their dark and mysterious color. Because of this there are people out their who believe black cats are bad luck and actually hurt them because of this, and that is not right. Get it out of your head because, like I said before they are just a cat-like any other cat. There is so much more I could talk about but if you want to read up on it check the links out .

So on that note I will leave you with this little tidbit, . Black cats are not bad luck, they are like any other cats you own or see. In fact my sister owns a black cat, she has the nicest personality and very friendly to.