To find food these termites commute from their...

To find food these termites commute from their nest to the forest floor. They build tunnels to protect themselves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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So I came from Physical Therapy today, and I went to run some errands and I stopped at McDonald’s to get a Fish Sandwich for lunch, and while I was sitting there I noticed these all over the windows and the walls outside the building. It was like they were invading McDonald’s. Then I noticed they were also inside the door where you walk into McDonald’s. When I left  I decided to take a picture of this, because it is an issue. According to the news, this year we have had a big problem with Ants and Ticks, but we also have had a problem with Stink bugs to. And now this is happening. What is going on?The Stink bugs and Black ants were invading my house and I thought I was the only one but then I heard them mention it on the news that there was an issue with them to. Then I found outside my house under a stone, a house full of red ants and termites living together, which I thought were Fire Ants, but seems kind of odd that Termites and Red ants live together.

(Top Left- Stink Bug, Black Ant, Red Ants,and Termites, and what they look like before they become termites)