buddha picture with plant

buddha picture with plant (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Have I got a story for you. I was at Physical Therapy last week, and my Therapist was telling us a story about a man who walked into the lobby and stole some flowers. First he took the first plant and went out and put it in his car, then he came in to take the second pot of flowers and as he was walking out he dropped the plant, and he tried to clean it up, and then he put that one in his car. He then proceeded to his car, got in and drove around to the front of the building to park his car, where he then went upstairs to get some blood work done. When the police arrived , (Oh did I fail to mention there are cameras in the building to, and he did this in broad daylight to). Anyway when the police came they looked at the cameras and asked if anyone had seen anything, and the nurse said that she had just taken blood from a man, who she had to clean his arm up because he had dirt all over his arm from cleaning up the plant he stole. So you think this idiot learned a lesson. Probably not right???

Then after I got done with Physical Therapy I ran my errands and when I got home the news was on and they showed a women who walked into a store where they sell wedding dresses and she literally stole a wedding dress, carrying it out the door in broad daylight, this made me think of the story they told me about the flower thief. Now how pathetic do they have to be to actually do something that stupid

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