Police Officer Breaking the Law

So this is another topic I have been wanting to talk about and have been busy with Physical Therapy they finally started for my neck, to see if this will help, so I won’t have to have surgery. OK, enough about me, let me get started on the topic.

So the reason why I want to talk about this subject is because, you here how the Government and the President and all those big wigs in politics want to spend money to create more laws. Like the salt law that stops restaurants from serving salt in their food, or the law for banning 32 OZ sodas from being sold because people are getting to fat because of it.  Well let me let you in on a little secret, Oh sorry it isn’t  a secret is it, (LOL) it cost money to make these laws and I have to say that if someone doesn’t want salt in their food then tell them when they order their food, or a law is not going to stop someone from drinking soda whether it be a 10 OZ, 15 Oz, or so on, so why make the law. You know the saying (You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink) or ( you can put the bait on the fishing pole, but can’t make the fish bite). People are going to do what they want no matter what.

So my point of this is that why are they creating more laws, when we can’t even follow the ones we have now, and they don’t get enforced enough, so that is why people feel they can get away with it. An Ex. fines for littering are pretty steep in most places, but people still do it, and the cops say, well I didn’t see them do, and even if they did I don’t see them doing anything. Or how about this , the Cell Phone law, and people still text and drive and then when they nearly hit you, they stick their middle finger at you, like you were in the wrong. Another one, is about signs, and traffic lights, and how people don’t obey them. they don’t stop, at stop signs, or lights, One way streets, they drive down the wrong way or back down it thinking they are going the right way. Do not enter signs means keep going for them, or no through trucking means I can drive my truck down that street. It is pure arrogance that people don’t care about their life that much if you are willing to risk yours or your kids lives do these idiotic things you do when you are driving.

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