Now here is another smart person along with a few more I would mention

I have to mention a video I wish I could find it was done on National Geographic for a kids contest on who could do the best video on global warming and this little girl was 5 yrs. old who won the contest. She made a cartoon video of a women sitting on a park bench drinking a bottle of water and when she was done she chucked the bottle to the garbage can and missed it, and then she showed how the bottle ended up in the water and cycled it’s way around the world 5 times before it came back to where it started from and lo and behold, who picked the bottle up, was a Seagull, and he put it in the garbage can. I really wish I saved that video, it would have been worth a 1000 words

Global Warming 1/2

Global Warming 1/2 (Photo credit: lamazone)