English: Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos...

Now that is funny, but not, and I agree I think all animals are shrinking. I have squirrels that are chewing metal bird feeders for food,and having to save his A??? because he got stuck in it, and stealing the stuffing out of my porch chairs. I told him if he did it again I was taking his bird feeder away and he squawked at me with this evil eye LOL

Watts Up With That?

From the University of British Columbia , a fish story inspired by a model:

Fish getting smaller as the oceans warm: UBC research

Changes in ocean and climate systems could lead to smaller fish, according to a new study led by fisheries scientists at the University of British Columbia.

The study, published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, provides the first-ever global projection of the potential reduction in the maximum size of fish in a warmer and less-oxygenated ocean.

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