English: Beijing community children's playground.

I am so sorry are they OK, and I agree, I don’t understand why people do what they do. DO THEY LIKE JAIL, OR WHAT??? that’s what I think, they like jail

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When I hear this sort of senseless crime, I pray for those involved. Two teens doing such a senseless thing brings severe injury and heartache to themselves, their family and friends. The children of the community lose their playground and wonder why anyone would do such a terrible thing. Playing with fire brings destruction and heartache. Please pray for these teens as they are in the hospital. One is in critical condition and the other in stable condition. Their lives are changed forever. I pray for their family as they go through this terrible ordeal. My children played in that playground years ago. I wonder why our youth are doing such senseless things. Why would they do this? What can we do to change the direction that so many young people are headed? Christians -what can we do to save our youth from senseless crimes?

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