Wow that is awesome, I love it and the picture is fitting for the music to. I did

my 1st song with the program Music Creator 6 my mom gave me for Christmas , still kind of working on it

Nanxi Liu

This is my very very first time recording myself on the piano! Super excited to share music with everyone! A wonderful lady gave me a brand new AMAZING keyboard piano for my birthday a few months ago. The great thing about this keyboard is that you can directly record music on it so I thought I’d take full advantage of that feature 🙂

The song I decided to play is called The Moon Represents My Heart. It’s a famous old Chinese classic that was originally sung by Teresa Teng. It’s a beautiful piece so I wanted to share it with everyone 🙂 I will post the direct audio download here soon (I need to upgrade my WordPress account to do this.)

Youtube version of the recording: 

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