He is one smart person, and I definitely agree with him to. Finally a smart voice of reason.

Watts Up With That?

Chris Horner sends us another Michael Mann Email from the NOAA FOIA release. One should remember this statement from Dr. Mann before continuing:

Mann: ‘I always thought it was somewhat misplaced to make it a central icon of the climate change debate’

Hmmm. “Somewhat misplaced”, “pretty cool” and the stuff of prideful circulation, it’s all good but, well, which time were you telling the truth about icons?

The picture he was disapproving of/”thought it was pretty cool” as the IPCC icon…well, that is, apparently depending on to whom he is speaking, or what his needs of the moment are…was this, as you’ll see from the link he circulates with such pride and joy:

Now read the email: 

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