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English: Skara Brae Home for awhile, now awe inspiring for us all. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was at the bank today and while I was at the counter, there was a man next to me and the teller asked him how his kids were doing, and then the conversation moved into asking him how he met his wife. So he said ” I met my wife at work 30 Yrs ago, we worked together, and we still work together till this day.
Now to me that is very inspiring because not a lot of couples can work together at the same job and be married to. So, I said to him congratulations, and I told him that his story was very inspiring. I said “you just gave me a great topic for my blog”, he was like, “really,” I said “yes, because my blog is about truth and inspiration and your story is very inspiring,” because a lot of couples not only could ever work with each other and still be married to each other to.
Couples like you are few and far between believe me. I felt like I needed to share this because if every couple could be like them, then the divorce and breakup rate would be a lot lower in statistics.
Check out this website for the divorce rate statistics it is very high. (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/marriage_divorce_tables.htm) You better be sitting down for this one when you see this LOL, because out of our population we are almost in the 7% range of divorce rate.