English: A notice stating that the Turman Hous...

English: A notice stating that the Turman House in Austin, Texas prohibits concealed handguns Español: Un aviso diciendo que la Casa Turman en Austin, Texas prohíbe armas ocultas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Broken heartBroken heartBroken heart So before I start this topic on this subject, I know that some of you have kids who read my blog So before I start this topic I need to make sure that you guys are okay with this topic because I don’t want your kids to get the wrong idea if they see this topic, so I just want to forewarn you ahead of time before I start this. So please if you don’t want your kids to see this one don’t let them read it. I put the broken red heart so you know .

I want to talk about this subject because there’s been too many deaths in our nation and the statistics are way too high for deaths in the United States. According to this website(http://sbcoalition.org/2011/04/gun-violence-and-the-census-sobering-statistics/) “death by handguns is the highest rate from 2000 2008 and 51% that is 65,581”  people died in that time from handguns alone. That’s way too high, “rifles and shotguns rate right up there between 3%” and that’s way too high for my taste. “Types of firearms are at 9%” and they don’t even know what type of firearm it is. “11,564 people who died from different types of firearms.” Then of course there’s “knives and cutting instruments which they are at 13%” of people who died leaving 16,547 people who died from nines and cutting instruments blunt objects personal weapons poison and explosive fire narcotics drowning strangulation asphyxiation and all others”  but in the end it all totals hundred percent of people who have died by weapons that’s not a good rate. We need to make stricter laws on guns. It seems to me that it’s too easy for people to get a hold of a gun and that’s not good especially for children.

I’m not going to mention the rest, but the rates for the rest are pretty low, and did you know that “only 106 people died from poison and 43 people only died from explosives and next 0% rate”, I mean this makes no sense. There is got to be a way that we can make the laws stricter so that people can’t get access to a gun that easy. Can you imagine what the statistics would be today from 2008 until 2012 they have to be a lot higher than they were from 2000 – 2008.

What I don’t understand is why people do what they do. I mean do they really think about the consequences of spending the rest of their lives in jail, and is that really where they want to be. Also think about your families when they decide to do something like that, because they actually pay more than you do when you commit a crime. I want to mention something I heard the other day from a person who was talking and I won’t mention any names on who said it or who it was meant to be for. All I know is that he said that this certain person needed to be assassinated and I didn’t know what the think, then I was like is this what it comes down to when somebody gets aggravated they think that a gun is going to make everything better. Oh my God that is like so bad because if everybody in the world thought like that we would be in so much trouble and I just could not believe I heard him say that. I said to him you know you better be careful where you say that because if something ever happened to a person that you said that about, it will come back for you on that.

So please anyone who does have a gun in the house if you have children please make sure it’s locked up safe so they can’t find the keys to get a hold of it. Accidents happened so quick that you can’t fix them and we want to protect our children and everyone else for that matter. I wish there was a way to reach somebody to see if we can make the gun laws a lot stricter so nobody can get a hold of them that easy. Maybe then the death rate would be down a lot more than it has been. We have too much death in this world.

So, I just want to say; The one thing that I want to do, is to try to make a difference in people’s lives and make this world a better place to live if it is the last thing I ever do, and I decided to be the voice of reason for everybody, and to speak up, and see if I can make a difference.