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Now I know this is a tough topic, But I have wanted to post this one for a while. There are a few things I want to mention in this blog about our taxes, tolls and more . I did mention my next couple of articles were bigger, well this is one of them.

So everyone knows that we pay taxes, well most everybody anyway, Which I think everyone should pay taxes no matter who you are, but I will get to that to. Anyway we pay State, Local and federal taxes, we pay property taxes and we pay sale taxes, luxury taxes and more. So I took the liberty to search on this and on E-How.Com http://www.ehow.com/info_7987574_services-do-taxes-pay.html this is what I came up with. According to E-How Federal Taxes are used to finance initiatives and programs like defense, security, war. They also finance social security payments, various health insurance and people in difficult times to. Like Medicaid, Medicare, and tax credit opportunities like (earned income or child tax credit). So why is it they say that there isn’t any money, if you figure out how many people actually pay their taxes, that bothers me and then they want to try, or are trying to take away social security, what about our kids, and their kids and so on.

Next is State taxes and according to E-How it is income and sales tax, which is used to support education, state funded health care programs, and assistance for low-income families. It is also used supposedly to fix roads,transportation projects, and systems and funds the jails and correction facilities to. So now another point to make with all the people who do pay taxes and there is supposedly no money. Where is all this money gone to. because I don’t see them fixing the roads, which the tolls go for the same thing to maintain the roads, bridges and more. I see roads that are so bad in need of fixing but never get done.

Then there is the Local taxes according to E-How includes property, sales tax and local income taxes. They finance local projects,including economic development, and resources to attract businesses and provide education and extracurricular activities in low-income neighborhoods and supports local area schools and maintain county and city parks. Now this to me is a joke, you know why because if I go to a town like Haverstraw, which is not as bad as Spring Valley or Monsey there is so much garbage there you couldn’t find what you were looking for. They closed our Village police down which I think is the biggest mistake they made here in Haverstraw and they want to raise property taxes, why? because they don’t have enough money. So I don’t understand it, but I think they spend on unnecessary things that don’t need to be done, instead of worrying about what needs to be done. I don’t even feel safe in my town, even when they had the Village police dept. open. Oh and last but not least Garbage (Joke) and snow removal. You go to a place like Piermont in Nyack there is no garbage,so you can tell the towns that actually care what they look like, compared to others that don’t care at all when you see that much garbage on the ground. Which this will be another topic I talk about separate.

One more thing I wanted to mention is that I think what they need to do is as far as budget goes, they should put the money for like education, libraries, roads, and more in an escrow acct and let it stay there , each separate acct that way not only is it there but it will earn at the same time. Stop making them waste equipment to for them to use the budget or lose it. There are people out there that have nothing and we as a nation waste so much. Another topic for another time.

If I knew that President Obama could or would read this I would say we need to stop wasting money on things we don’t need to worry about like a stupid salt law or banning big drinks. Please we have more critical issues to worry about. I should become president LOL but HMMM ! 

check out this website it shows a chart of an example of what our taxes pay for.    http://www.christiancentury.org/blogs/archive/2010-10/what-our-taxes-pay