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So how many people are afraid of Friday the 13th. What is it about Friday the 13th, that they are afraid of and what caused that fear. Why are people so afraid of Friday the 13th. Well I was thinking about that and so I decided awhile back I would do some research on this reason how the fear got started and why?

So according to this website ( it is a pretty interesting explanation). So you guys ready for this one . I mean there are people out there that won’t even go out of the house on Friday the 13th because they are so scared, and this is called (paraskevidekatriaphobia)or (Triskaidekaphobia) means fear of the number 13.

Now are we ready to get into how this fear actually started, and when it actually started and the related incidents to Friday the 13th. I thought it was pretty interesting after reading it to, you would be surprised.

So according to the (Myth) Or ( Truth) I leave you to decide “In the 21st (3) Century for most people it is another day. 13 is the most common superstition of all. People consider it bad luck unless born on the 13th is your lucky day. Take the 13th floor in (2000) was nominated for Saturn Award for Best science Film. Then there is the Time Clock and Sacred Geometry and (Space) 12 around 1 = 13=1+3=4 evolution of consciousness back into light. 13 is a Fibonacci (F7) and the 6th prime number and 6 can be an unlucky number due to (666) association and according to closure I will use my birthday as an ex. I was born 8/6/1963 so 8+6 +1963= 8+6+19=8+6+10= 14+10=24 so I am in the 6 year in 1963. Also 13 is the second star number and there 13 circles in a Metatron’s Cube. 13 is the atomic number for Aluminum (Z). In the prophecy 12 skulls around 1 =13 forming a matrix at the end of physical time, and the Mesoamerican Calendar and calculation of Tzolk’s date in portion takes us to Long Count on December 21,2012. The lunar calendar has 12 months except every 2nd or 3rd year has 13. The 12 round and 1 matrix links 13 people to the last supper where there are 12 disciples around Jesus.

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Women’s time of the is every 28 days but in ancient cultures it is said to be connected to 13 women. 13 is also said to be unlucky because of 13 full moons in the same period of time. and 2 in a month.Nursery rhymes state there 13 months in a year because of the moon cycle including lunar year and in England a calendar of 13 months of 28 days and 1 extra day know as a Year and a day, and still in use up to Tudor Times. Scotland has no gate 13, it is 12 b instead. A Lufthansa plane has row 12 to 14 and some skip 13. There are buildings with no 13th floor  (14 or 12A), some streets have no # 13 houses in sports there are no # 13’s. In some cultures getting married in a week that has 13 was discouraged. I will skip the next part of this one and if you want to read it you can visit the link under this article. Julius Caesar’s legion was the 13th legion. The code of Hammurabi created in 1760 has no 13th law. The College of William and Mary claims 13 Priorities or achievements. Then there is Apollo 13. So this is a kicker after 13 years of being the richest man in the world Bill Gates lost his title Microsoft plans to skip Office 13. The game Kingdom of Loathing avoids 13 in-game. When 13 is divided into groups there is always one left out.”

“Friday the 13th originated from a Norse Myth, the 12 gods having a feast in Valhalla and Locki crashed the party and had Hod the blind god of darkness shoot Baldur, the god of joy and gladness with a mistletoe arrow. After he was killed the plunged into darkness and mourning.

Friday was named after Frigg, Frigga, Norse goddess of marriage


She was identified as goddess of love and was identified with Friday. When the Norseman and Germanic tribes became Christians she was supposed to be banished to the mountains as a witch. And that is how Friday came to be called witches Sabbath, and on this day, each week twelve witches and the devil met , 13 evil spirits in all .

Now this is really interesting

The Knights Templar

The day that Jacques de Molay and 60 knights were arrested on October 13, 1307 and tortured and from that day they considered Friday the 13th evil.

Freemasons left us clues

Original flag 13 stars and in view is a hologram,raise center creates a pyramid of souls in color, symbols X and diamonds for Sacred geometry

Depicts unfinished pyramid an illuminated all-seeing eye above references the center of the Milky Way Galaxy

Check the link here , This information is intended solely to inform you of how this myth got started. So to give you a better idea that I believe it is another day like any other day.