English: Trees and branches.

English: Played around with the settings of my...

That is a beautiful shot, I love it


Back home from the Junior States now.  It was a good weekend, I enjoyed the company, and today I was riding around on the back of the motorbike today.  Having someone along makes it nice, also good to have someone to talk to.  Bruce is great on the motorbike and I feel so confident riding on the back.

As we were riding I noticed some trees, and I asked him to stop.  I took 3 quick shots, for a HDR.  Then he rode up a little more, and said, “I think this is better”.  He was right, here is that image.

Of course, it is edited a lot.  I desaturated it, I found the blue sky and the bright green grass in the foreground a little distracting.  I will post the original in a minute.

I did process this much the same way, but I added one layer that I…

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