Beautiful place, where is this located


After a year and a half of anticipation, we’ve arrived in Vientiane, Laos. Still a bit jet-lagged and disoriented, transitioning to life in a new country with two toddlers has us more focused on their adjustment and well-being and less on the “Let’s get out and see Laos!” mode that I assumed we’d have after arriving in a new country. Ever since we left DC four weeks ago, the kids have been asking for the familiar things they were used to having and doing, and about friends, teachers, restaurants, and other favorite places they’re longing for. It’s been a bit heartbreaking to witness a kind of confusion about “home” – having left our DC home to visit our Denver home before coming to Laos. Wherever we were, they kept asking, “Is this our house?” “Are we in Laos?” “Where’s our house?”, and when they were tired and most vulnerable they…

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