So todays topic will be about health of your animals. Because they get sick like we do. So the best thing is that when you are home with your animals and you see something that you don’t like, and your animal keeps repeating the same action over and over again, that means something is going on with them, don,t wait till last-minute, because I question myself ever since Rascal passed away, what if I had done this sooner, could I have saved him, or why didn’t I do this sooner. Remember this to, sometimes symptoms won’t show at all, so they could be sick and you wouldn’t know it.

For EX, when I brought Rascal and his brother home, a couple of months later he started coughing, so I thought if I changed his box(closed) to (open) that would help, but his cough, was worse, so I took him to the vet, and found out he had Asthma, and as long as he had his medicine he did great, till he was 5 yrs. old, and one day he had really bad congestion and for a long time he was scratching his ear that was really bothering him, and the doctor said his ear was fine and I gave him his medicine and next thing I know I’m spending every waking moment with my baby boy in the hospital and the vets office, till I found out that he had a heart murmur that could not be fixed and that last day I stayed at the hospital, I would not leave him, he needed me and the next morning he was so bad, I had to put him down and that for me was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Please listen to your animals they may not talk, but they can tell you when their not feeling well. Like the fact that they hide, in feeling of leave me alone mood, they won’t eat, drink, play, and they will just sleep and look as though they are dehydrated to. I watched Rascal go from this healthy 4 week old kitten to a 5 yr. old, who got so sick so fast he couldn’t get up to walk. Also, on that note, I invested in Pet Insurance when they were babies and it has been the best investment I made for them. especially the cost of treatment with him and his brother, because Mikie has Asthma to. So if you want really want good pet insurance check out Embrace Pet Insurance , it’s worth it, and you can do a free quote, select the deductible, payments and when your ready you call them.

A picture of Rascal hiding under the blanket on the bed.