Today we are going to talk about how animals have personalities. How many of you out there believe that animals have personalities. Well, I can say this, that the people I talk to , the answer is few  and far between, when I ask them that they give the same answer every time. Their just animals, and that I will tell you is by far not the truth.

Animals are just like kids. oh! except the fact that they can’t talk back, but then again neither do babies do they.You talk to your baby like an adult, because that’s how they learn to talk right, and if you talk to them like babies then they won’t learn. So if you sit and talk to your animals, whether it be a cat, dog or other type of animal, watch their faces and will see what I’m talking about, they know. For example, my cats know when I either ask or spell out kitty treats, they meow and run to the kitchen, and yes for those who don’t believe it, I do have a video of it, because I know most people wouldn’t believe it could be true. Also , when my cats were little I bought them this wind up mouse and 2 days later they knew how to hold it with their paws and pull the string with their teeth and make the mouse go by itself. Also they have these balls with bells in them and they play with them, but Rascal carries it in his mouth and drops it on my bed in the morning and I throw it and he fetches it and brings it back. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but its true. So, people watch your animals and see their personalities and then tell me you don’t notice it. Or on that note I will leave you with this last but little tidbit, how about the fact that most animals will be waiting at the door when you come home from work or wherever , like my cat Rascal would scratch at the door when he knew I was home. So for now I will leave you with this thought for today, until next time. Now how many cats would stay wrapped up in a blanket, in front of the heat, after accidentally getting wet, none that I know of.

In Memory Of Rascal

Somehow he got wet,so I wrapped him in his Favorite blanket and laid him by the little electric wood stove and he just stayed there