Cold Spring, New York

Cold Spring, New York (Photo credit: Dougtone)

Today I think I’m going to touch on a touchy subject, but I think it needs to be done. Because as far as I can see nobody does anything about, or at least some people. So my first question is how much does everyone appreciate the fact that we have a place to live. Well! then if you answered that question right , then ask yourself this, do you live with garbage on your property, because if you said no, then the next question would be, is the earth like your property to. If you answered yes , then why do people throw garbage on the ground. Do you like living like that , I know I don’t, and I have been to towns that have put us to shame with how clean their towns are compared to other towns, and then there are towns like Spring Valley, Monsey, and Haverstraw that are disgusting with garbage. Come on now, it not only makes the town look like we don’t care, but it also makes the town look bad. Besides you people complain that you have no money, but you repeatedly keep doing the same thing over and over again. It’s not just garbage either, there are fines for that, and cell phones, and parking, not ONLY in fire zones, but handicapped zones to. You heard the saying, where it states: Do the crime pay the time. well, if you don’t have money to waste then stop doing things you’re not suppose to do. On that note. I’ll leave you with this, that if you would take the time to think about these things you do, then think about your kids to, because what you do will affect your kids, and you are the adults, and your kids learn from you, so if you don’t want your kids doing these things, then don’t do it yourself. So that’s it for today. Oh! I know what tomorrow’s topic is going be. This is a well learned  lesson of value, and maybe someone will get it after I post this. More on that note tomorrow.

This is what our ground should look like.

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