Well, today were going to start this blog by saying that everyone told me I should start a Pet Advice Blog. So I decided to take them up on it. This blog is going be in the memory of my cat Rascal who passed away on October 3rd, 2010, he was only 5 yrs. old. So the first thing I want to say is listen to your animals they can tell you what they want , or what they need to, just like a baby except that they can’t talk is all. Here are some examples: My cats, especially Rascal, for one if the letterbox was dirty he would go in look at it come back out look at me cry, and go back in there and use it and come back out and look at me and cry again. If he wanted to eat they had there routine where he would come over look at me and cry, and then walk to the kitchen, because they had to be pet before they would eat and they would eat the same time I did. So! please don’t take your animals for granted they are very smart. I notice when I ask people questions about their animals, maybe half or more say there just an animal, they don’t know any better and I can definitely tell you that is not true. Rascal watches TV, and here is a video to prove it. SMOV0010.AVI  This is a video of Rascal watching Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Rascal also loved Christmas, he would steal the ornaments out of the box and lay under the Christmas tree like my present and yes I do have a picture of him I took with my phone camera. So anything that I mention , I do have pictures of proof for those who don’t believe. So for today we will just start off with this. So we will see you soon. Please feel free to post any questions you may have and I will answer them as much as possible . Good night for now

He Loves the Christmas Decorations

My Cat Rascal at Christmas,