English: Lower Manhattan at late dusk.

Has anyone found them yet

There is a building on the East side in Manhattan that has Silver bells over the top of the doors, anyone know where

Today’s topic is a Question of the day. How many people have been to New York City? I know Crazy question !! I’m getting there. Patience !!! Now that you answered that question. How many people actually look up while there in the city. Now! if you answered I do, then the next question would be had anyone ever found a building in the city with bells over the doorway, they call them the Silver Bells and if you want the answer to this then we will meet again, if you can’t get it and I will tell you were they are. But for now let us see if anyone who does go to the city can find them. Now, the first hint I will give is they are supposedly on the east side of Manhattan. and to that note we will say goodnight for now. Well, close enough look for the city huh??? (Microsoft Office Clip Pic)